About Taste the Past

Taste the Past came about by a passion to share the knowledge and stories of a town whose existence played a significant role in the history of Australia's economic, cultural and social beginning. 
HILL END marks the growth and decline of a mining town of a gold rush dating back to 1851. The N.S.W. gold rush was probably Australia's first multicultural experience. Thousands of people from numerous countries flocked to the area in search of gold. Many stayed and became long term residents giving HILL END a history of immigrants and food culture.  The area is testimony to how these people lived together over 100 years ago, what materials they used to build their homes, hotels, churches.  Stories left behind tell of the food they grew, cooked and ate.
When the gold ran out, deserted, HILL END became home to an artist community including Russell Drysdale, Margaret Olley, Donald Friend and Brett Whiteley.
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